Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more expensive to build? 

The upfront cost may be more expensive, but the savings in renovation, maintenance and utility bills is significant. 

What’s the cost per square foot? 

There is no precise cost per square foot. Every builder is different and it depends largely on the finishes you select. 

Is a 2-story home cheaper?

If you compare a ranch home to a similar square foot 2-story, both with the same finishes, the 2-story home will typically be cheaper to build. 

How does financing work? 

Every builder has different requirements: some require a construction loan other require and end loan with a downpayment(s) before work begins. 

Will my taxes be higher? 

Taxes vary from town to town, it’s always best to consult the municipality regarding the dollar amount per thousand of assessed value.

How long does the process take?

Every builder has a different production schedule. On average, a new construction home will be completed within 4-6 months after excavation.

When should I sell my home? 

Every Realtor may suggest a different time frame depending on the market. A good rule is to list your house around the time excavation begins. 

Are we limited on floor plans? 

Some builders are 100% custom and don’t necessarily work off of a fixed set of floor plans, others have a select number within their portfolio.  

How do we find a home site? 

If you want a lot that’s not within a community we can help you find it. Available community home sites are typically determined by the builder. 

What if we have our own land? 

You’ll want to have a site evaluation done to accurately price the project if it’s not within a community, but most builders will build anywhere.

Can I do some of the work myself? 

Typically the answer is no with very few exceptions. For warranty and insurance reasons, the builder will use their contractors exclusively. 

Can a home be built in the winter? 

Absolutely! There are a few items that may be weather dependent, otherwise construction will continue as expected. 



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