New Vs. Used

Why Build New

The Advantage of New Home Construction 


Should you build your next home or buy used? It’s a question that frequents customers’ minds. Let the Simme Advantage Team help show you the advantages of building a brand-new home, easily and pain-free. 

1.No Renovating Needed



When you buy a used home, you’ll inevitably have a list of changes you’ll want to make. Those costs will surely add up; whether it’s something simple such as repainting the walls, or replacing the carpeting, or maybe it’s something more complex like fixing that outdated kitchen or having to add an addition to fit the whole family. 


Building a new home allows you to have your home, your way! You choose the floor plan, you choose the finishes, and you even choose the exact home site you want your dream home to be placed on. Everything is exactly the way you imagined it.  Unlike that used home you’ve been comparing to, this new home is ready for you to start living your dream without the added cost and headaches of renovation. 

2.  More Savings For You 



We’ve already talked about the money you’ll save not having to do renovations and repairs when you move in. You will also be pleasantly surprised with the energy savings of your new home. Most home builders today are using the highest efficiency appliances that you’ve come to expect. Today’s stricter building codes also require the home to be more energy efficient. 


You’ll also be fortunate enough to spend significantly less on maintenance costs. Those big ticket items such as your roof and furnace carry lengthy guarantees  so you won’t have to worry about what needs to be replaced next. All of this equates to more money in your pocket every month. 

3.  Warranties Have You Covered



Speaking of those guarantees, your new home will also come with warranties that carry on for years. The fact is that sometimes things break due to no fault of any one, so when your appliances have an issue, you’ll be protected by manufacturer warranties. You may never know how old the appliances are in a used home and sometimes those warranties may not be transferable to you as the new owner.

Your entire home is also protected by, at a minimum, New York State’s requirement of the home builder.


So, whether it’s a structural issue, or defects and imperfections due to workmanship, your home will be protected for quite some time. The Simme Advantage Team will work with you to understand all the in’s and outs of what exactly your home warranty will cover. 

4.  Smart, Safe, Convenient



We already know that these homes are energy smart, but they’re also safer for you and your family. Whether it’s lead paint or radon gas, you don’t always know what the used home may be hiding. Your newly built home doesn’t have that problem. Most builders today, for instance, are already mitigating for radon with a passive system. Also, when the time comes that you want to finish your new basement, you’ll already have an egress window to keep you safe incase of fires. You can almost guarantee that you find that in most used homes. 


These homes are also built with the conveniences of the 21st century in mind. Who wants to walk up two flights of stairs to do laundry? Most homes today are built with the convenience of 1st or 2nd flour laundry. Builders also know that consumers expect a glamorous owner’s suite. These are just more convenience you won’t find in most used homes. 

5.  Your Best Investment Yet 


With all things considered, you can’t go wrong with a brand-new home. You get your home, your way, all while saving money, and living a more safe and convenient life. Sure, some customer may not want to wait 4-6 months for their new home to be completed and instead settle on a used home, but how do you know if you’ve just overpaid for it?


There is and always will be a limited number of used homes on the market, that is simple economics. So, when the perfect home that you’ve been waiting for finally comes on the market, do you think you’ll be only one interested? Chances are you won’t be, and you’ll likely overpay in order to get it. When building a new home there is no bidding war, you get the perfect home, in the perfect location without overpaying – and if you feel like you’re not getting the best deal let the Simme Advantage team go to work for you!


Now that’s a good investment!